Halsey’s “Ghost” Video Is A Hazardous Affair: Idolator Premiere

Bianca Gracie | October 27, 2014 7:00 am

Ashley Frangipane, otherwise known as her music alter-ego Halsey, is a 20-year-old New Jersey native making waves in the pop scene with her breakout single — “Ghost.” The tune was released earlier this summer, and it now has a visual! Today, we at Idolator are bringing you the premiere of the “Ghost” video, directed by Alex de Bonrepos. It is a part of the singer’s 5-track EP, Room 93, with four of them having an accompanying clip.

The video depicts a young, starry-eyed couple (with Halsey herself playing the girlfriend) who seem to be at the peak of their stormy relationship. It starts out with a steamy make-out session in a rundown motel room, but soon takes a dangerous turn as the two begin to fight. The ending of the video is unexpectedly unnerving, but you have to watch it up top for yourself to see what goes down!

Head on after the jump to read Halsey’s own explanation of the “Ghost” video.

When asked about the visual’s storyline, Halsey told us:

The previous video for ‘Hurricane’ showed a couple going through innocent changes, and with ‘Ghost’ I wanted to show that tumultuous animal. It is the most in-depth one out of all four videos. It moves quickly and it leaves you feeling kind of whiplashed when it’s over. The concept of the song itself is about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally available — you feel their physical presence but the emotional one isn’t there. [‘Ghost’] has a bit of hopelessness to it. That’s what I wanted to depict in the video itself — a relationship that is exhausting but kind of liberating in a way. Everything in it is metaphorical as well, since we create our own world in hotel rooms. There’s no permanent death, there’s no permanent relationship or love. The final video that’s coming out will affirm all of that.”

The “Ghost” video (along with the others) is inspired by the singer’s experience of being in a relationship solely through hotel rooms:

“This is the first content that people are getting from me, and I really wanted to show my story. That’s why I acted in this video as well, because no one can execute a character that’s based on yourself better than you. It was important for me to be done the right way. I wanted to further indulge the [song’s] storylines. I also pride myself on being an artist whose music is cinematic, so I wanted to show off the music’s ability to do that by giving them short dramatic films. I think it was the best way for people to see that I’m authentic.”

Room 93 EP is now available, click here to order it on iTunes.

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