Leighton Meester’s “Heartstrings” Video Is Properly Dreamy: Watch

Robbie Daw | October 30, 2014 7:01 am

This week, Leighton Meester independently released her debut album Heartstrings with little fanfare. Much more noise was made five years ago, when her Robin Thicke-assisted major label single “Somebody To Love” dropped.

The two major differences between then and now are that Gossip Girl, the hit series Leighton starred on, is no longer on the air, and the singer-actress appears to have used her freedom to find a sound that she’s comfortable inhabiting with regards to her music career. And we’re so happy that she did.

Heartstrings, a blend of country twang and dream pop, has quietly become one of our favorite albums of the year, and its title track should give you a pretty good indication as to why. Lazy minds will compare this all to Lana Del Rey, but that wouldn’t be fair or accurate.

Watch Leighton’s video for “Heartstrings” above. Who knows — you might just find yourself as surprised as we were.

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