Bleachers (And A Bunch Of Cute Kids) Perform “Rollercoaster” On ‘Conan’: Watch The Quirky Experiment

Mike Wass | November 6, 2014 5:56 pm

Can Bleachers hurry up and break? Jack Antonoff‘s side project makes the music world a brighter place with their relentlessly catchy songs (“I Wanna Get Better” is ’80s-referencing, synth-rock perfection) and quirky visual approach. Remember, this is a band that jammed on top of a moving vehicle in their “Rollercoaster” video — yet another glorious pop anthem, by the way.

The fivesome’s latest coup is roping in a cast of kids to perform alongside them on Conan. Dressed in identical outfits, the next generation of Bleachers add another layer to the band’s already enjoyable live presence and, well, it’s just really cute. If you haven’t checked out their debut LP Strange Desire yet, “Rollercoaster” is as good a place as any to start. Watch up top.

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