Whatcha Say: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | November 7, 2014 5:30 pm

Welcome to Friday, Idolator readers! It’s been an especially zany week in pop, from Selena Gomez‘s unexpectedly emotionally devastating (and possibly Justin Bieber-referencing) “The Heart Wants What It Wants” to the release of Calvin HarrisMotion, to the pushback of the new Fifth Harmony album (ugh) to the shocking Beyoncé-style surprise album drop from Miss Azealia Banks. It’s really just like Ellie Goulding sings: ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Plus, Taylor Swift notched the year’s first ever million-selling record with 1989, Beyoncé announced a BEYONCÉ re-release and Rihanna stripped down for a seriously fierce shoot for Esquire UK. As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments after the jump.

:: George was stunned by Selena’s new song on Selena Gomez Drops Emotional Single (Possibly About Justin Bieber), “The Heart Wants What It Wants”: Watch: “The beginning of the video gave me chills. This is so personal. Wow.”

:: Jay also liked the song, except for the chorus: “There’s a bit of a ‘Royals’ vibe with this song. Other than that, the song would otherwise be perfect if it weren’t for the ‘want want want wants’ she chants in the chorus. It’s almost like she was worried that the chorus wouldn’t be catchy enough, but it would work so much better by just ending it with just that one “wants.””

:: Simon Fox was over the moon about Tay Tay’s pick for Single #2 from 1989 on Taylor Swift’s Next ’1989′ Single Is “Blank Space”, Radio Release Date Announced: “Great second single choice! First time I heard the album I loved the cheeky lyrics and the highly addictive chorus melody. It’s been stuck in my head for a week now!”

:: WittyBitch felt Rihanna made the right decision by rejecting Calvin Harris songs for her new album on Rihanna Rejected All The Songs Calvin Harris Submitted For Her New Album: “I would love to hear the two collaborate again, but I feel that now isn’t the right time and Rihanna’s team made a smart choice by rejecting them.”

:: Florence wasn’t pleased with the new Calvin Harris album on Calvin Harris’ ‘Motion’: Album Review: “I streamed it this morning and found it disappointing overall. Agree totally that most of the big name collaborations (like with Gwen Stefani) were underwhelming.”

:: blaaack found one reason to celebrate Taylor Swift’s million plus sales success on Taylor Swift’s ’1989′ Debuts At #1 With 1.287 Million Copies Sold, But That 99-Cent Deal Wasn’t Counted (Blame Gaga?): “Great news: Britney’s record (1.319 million physical copies in 2000) is SAFE!”

:: Tre Miles was a Pressed Patty when it came to Selena’s upcoming greatest hits collection on Is Selena Gomez Posting Lyrics From New Single “Heart Wants What It Wants” On Instagram?: “How is she going to make a greatest hits album when 1. she’s not a singer 2. she hasn’t (really) had a hit 3. She’s only released two prior albums (as a solo artist)”

:: While Elijah Graham came in as a proud Selenator with the receipts: “She’s had 6 platinum singles, and four albums (one solo and three with her band), all of which peaked in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Do your research before you start spreading shit, please.”

:: CS was tired of waiting for Fifth Harmony on Fifth Harmony’s Debut Album ‘Reflection’ Has Been Pushed Back (Again) To January: “They are never going to make it… The album is going to flop, they will disband, and a few of them will end up on obscure Oxygen reality shows a few years from now. And also, the cover is terrible.”

:: And finally, Brandon Hall had no love for K. Michelle on K. Michelle Is Fierce In Her “Love ‘Em All” Video: Watch: “The song is pretty disposable, in a Tamar Braxton kind of way. The video, well, its equally disposable, also in a Tamar Braxton kind of way.”