Taylor Swift Goes Insane In “Blank Space” Video: Watch The Rampage

Bradley Stern | November 10, 2014 6:12 am

Attention, boys: If ever you have had the desire to date Taylor Swift, you may want to reconsider at this point. The 1989 pop singer-songwriter has just dropped the visual for her super catchy new single “Blank Space” and…well, you’ve been warned.

The Joseph Kahn-directed video sees Tay Tay ominously toeing the line between the grandeur of The Great Gatsby and the sheer axe-wielding terror of The Shining, as she quickly falls in love in her giant mansion filled with horses and deer (you know, as one does), gets super obsessed with her hottie boyfriend, grows hyper paranoid (#iPhoneProblems!) and starts going absolutely insahn on him.

Prepare (or hide away in terror) as Taylor goes on a golf club rampage against a classic car, stabs a lot of stuff, does some apple voodoo and cries some major mascara tears — until she’s onto the next one, of course. Watch the hilariously over-the-top visual up top, and let us know what you think by writing your name in the blank space (err, comment section) below.