Made In Heights Follow Up “Ghosts” With Another Gorgeous Pop Anthem: Fall In Love With “Panther”

Mike Wass | November 21, 2014 4:23 pm
Must Hear: Made In Heights' "Ghosts"
Rising LA duo Made In Heights get it just right on infectious synth-pop anthem "Ghosts".

A couple of months ago, Made In Heights quietly dropped one of the best synth-pop anthems of 2014 with the gorgeous, multi-layered “Ghosts”. The L.A.-based duo switch gears on new single “Panther” — a lilting electro-lullaby that slowly unfolds after multiple listens — but it’s every bit as intoxicating as their last offering. At this rate, the pair’s sophomore set is going to be one of the must-hear albums of early 2015.

What makes “Panther” so special? It has a lot to do with the dreamy soundscape that producer Sabzi creates for Kelsey Bulkin‘s soft, breathy vocals. It’s a warm stream of synths, clicks and strings that lifts the track above your standard electronic fare. My only qualm is the title. Made In Heights make no reference to giant cats in the lyrics, which (let’s be real) would have made the song even better. Listen to the gem after the jump.

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