‘The Voice’: Watch Taylor Swift Return To Belt Out “Blank Space”

Caila Ball-Dionne | November 26, 2014 6:10 am
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Xtina returns to 'The Voice' to help Gwen Stefani's crew of singers.

For everyone who spent the weekend worrying that the Voice contestants would not have a Thanksgiving feast, you may now rest easy. Well, not about how you prioritize your worries, but about the whole Thanksgiving thing. All of the Top 10 contestants who gathered for what they thought to be Friendsgiving were surprised by the presence of their parents. What an adorable way to fill the massive amounts of time that The Voice needs to fill during the results show.

An even better way to fill said time? Performances by Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams — all of whom brought their talents to Tuesday’s episode.

Adam Levine and his team members Damien the Emotional, Matt McAndrew and Chris Jamison sing Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young” to start things off. Adam even lowers his voice to match his all-male team.

Next, Pharrell Williams sings Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World” with his team members DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade. The trio goes black tie for the occasion, but Pharrell still keeps it cool with his cropped tuxedo pants. As the song wraps, he subs in “And I think to myself, ‘we need justice to unfurl,’” for the original lyrics, presumably making a statement about the verdict in Ferguson.

Superstar advisor Taylor Swift returns to The Voice to sing “Blank Space.” She has mastered the Crazy Eye, that’s for sure, and has added Insanity Twitch to the mix. So delightful and terrifying, that Taylor Swift.

Having enjoyed the headline performer, the delightfully terrified contestants are ready for the results.

Voted Through

Team Adam: Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison and Damien

Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams

Team Pharrell: DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade

Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd

This leaves Reagan James, Anita Antoinette and Ryan Sill (again) to compete for the Instant Save. Reagan James sings Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird.” She’s clearly nervous, and doesn’t exactly have the song mastered. At one point she encourages the audience to “sing it!” which is met with zero audience participation.

“The fact that you’re brave enough to come here and take songs and put your own spin on it actually blows me away, sis,” says Blake Shelton. “You’ve got a friend in me for life no matter what happens.”

Anita Antoinette also raids the early aughts to sing Jason Mraz’s “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry).” It’s about as good as a rushed Jason Mraz performance can be, but probably not enough to move her through.

“You are an incredible person, and I really enjoyed getting to know you,” says Gwen. “You care so much about music, you care so much about life and I’ve learned so much from you.”

Ryan Sill sticks with the decade theme and sings Howie Day’s “Collide.” As with last week’s bottom three appearance, his save performance is better than his competition performance.

“He is to talented,” says his coach, Gwen Stefani. “You deserve to be here.”

The audience agrees with Gwen, and advances Ryan to the Top 8. On the plus side, Anita Antoinette and Reagan James can probably catch a flight back home in time for Thanksgiving.

Any surprises, disappointments or general thoughts on the results? The Top 8 are at it again on Monday!