‘The Voice’: RaeLynn Returns To Perform “God Made Girls” While Christina Grimmie Is Back “With Love”

Caila Ball-Dionne | December 3, 2014 5:39 am

Monday night was a homecoming of sorts on The Voice! No, this was not that awkward moment where coaches Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton explain to Carson Daly that there’s no room in their limo to the big dance, but rather where contestants of yesteryear make their big comebacks to where it all began (and, for the most part, where it all ended). Here, they entertained the Top 8 before three were eliminated, and gave them a ghosts of Christmas future-esque peek at what they have to look forward to post-Voice.

First up, Adam’s Season 6 finalist Christina Grimmie performs the title track off her album With Love. Her raspy voice is a welcome visitor, although it’s a minor disappointment when she doesn’t just break out into a Drake cover. Give the people what they want: more totally expected unexpected covers!

Next, former Team Blake member RaeLynn performs “God Made Girls,” an actual country hit. Yes, that’s right, Voice finalists: a total also-ran who was eliminated in Season 2’s Battle Round has made something of herself. Kind of puts it all into perspective, right?

Perspective is for suckers and old people, though, so let’s break three hearts with the results.

Voted Through

Team Adam: Matt McAndrew, Damien Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams

This leaves Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade; Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill (again); and Team Adam’s super sexy Chris Jamison to compete for the last slot in the semi-finals. Also hanging on by a thread is Pharrell, with the only thing between him and total elimination being Twitter.

DaNica Shirey sings Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” for her shot at a spot. It’s fine, but unremarkable, and nothing different from what she has been performing the past few weeks.

“Everyone back home in NBC TV land, they just saw that, they heard that and I’m definitely clear that they felt that,” says coach Pharrell. “She has a super bright future and I’m going to be involved.”

Luke Wade tees up his performance of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” by saying, “This is a thank you to all my fans.” He then thanks said fans by totally flubbing the lyrics and ending with way too many repeated pleas of “stand by me.” Again, Luke?

Unlike his last lyrical snafu, no one calls him out. Instead, his coach echoes a similar sentiment as he did for DaNica, saying, “We have so much to do, young man, because you are a talented guy.”

Instant Save veteran Ryan Sill performs Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” It’s very straight forward, and thankfully includes none of the face acting that caused grimaces during the competition. Gwen, as always, is shocked that he is facing elimination.

“The reason you keep getting saved is because you’re so good at singing!” she says. “We’re all watching you get better every time you get up there.”

Finally, Voice hottie Chris Jamison sings Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind.” The ladies of the audience scream in delight, and Adam defends his only contestant on the chopping block’s right to advance.

“This kid has worked so hard for everything he has achieved,” says Adam. “He was not in the Top 4, but I will tell you this: Chris Jamison is in the Top 5.”

And – go figure – Adam’s declaration proves to be true. Someone’s been reading The Secret!

Instantly Saved

Team Adam: Chris Jamison

Sent Home

Team Pharrell: Luke Wade and DaNica Shirey Team Gwen: Ryan Sill

Bye Felicia Pharrell. On the plus side, even though Pharrell has no stars left on his team, he at least got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week.

Do feel free to get up in arms about the results in the comments, but remember the wild card twist coming in the semi-finals next week! Any guesses as to which eliminated contestant will be brought back for the finals?