Taylor Swift Covers ‘Billboard Magazine’ As Their 2014 Woman Of The Year

Bradley Stern | December 5, 2014 6:55 am
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It’s been quite a year for Taylor Swift, and the endless praise being thrown in the direction of the 1989 singer-songwriter isn’t letting up anytime soon. (Did you see “Shake It Off” was just nominated for a Grammy this morning?)

For the second time, T. Swizzle’s been selected as Billboard’s Woman Of The Year, and she’s now gracing the cover of their magazine this week. Inside, the massively successful superstar discusses everything from her lyrical content to her album sales to her life in New York City. And yes, she hears your criticism about the gleeful sound of “Welcome To New York” — and she’s not backing down. “I’m as optimistic and enthusiastic about New York as I am about the state of the music industry, and a lot of people aren’t optimistic about those two things. And if they’re not in that place in their life, they’re not going to relate to what I have to say,” she explained. (Or, more succinctly, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate.”)

She also touches upon her shift from country to pop, starting with the 7 week #1 reign of Red‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which she calls “a big signal flare”: “It felt like I had tried on something new that fit really well. So for this album I decided, ‘Hey, that thing I tried last time? I’m going to make my whole wardrobe into that.'” And, of course, she tackles the tough questions about her personal life — and sounds happier than ever as a sexy single in the city. “I, however, am 24, perfectly happy being alone, and one of the reasons I’m perfectly happy being alone is that no one gets hurt this way,” she says.

Make sure to check out the full cover story over at Billboard, and take a look at a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot the full-size magazine cover down below.