Justin Bieber Has Bleached His Hair, Nobody Panic

Bradley Stern | December 5, 2014 10:44 am
Cody Simpson Talks Duets With Justin Bieber
We sat down with Cody Simpson and discussed his highly anticipated duets with Biebs.

EVERYONE STAY CALM: Justin Bieber is now a bleach blonde. (You know, like most other pop starlets.)

The Biebs stepped out from a West Hollywood hair salon on December 4 covering his face, but alas, he was snapped anyway. (Obviously.) And yes: He’s gone for a bleach blonde look! Naturally, the Beliebers are taking this news completely casually and not at all freaking out — okay, yes they are. Even Scooter Braun is poking fun at his new platinum ‘do. “love this album. Nice work blondie ;) lol,” his manager teased on Twitter when Justin promoted his holiday record, Under The Mistletoe. You might have also heard one of his duets with Cody Simpson, “Home To Mama,” recently, which Cody discussed with us in a recent interview. (If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!)

So, do you love it Beliebers? Do you hate it? He’s yet to take a proper #selfie to seal the deal, but take a sneak peek at the new look under his baseball hat (and also shirtless!) after the jump.