Whatcha Say: Madonna, Adam Lambert And The Grammys Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | December 5, 2014 5:30 pm

Well, we made it: It’s Friday! And we’re another week closer to 2015 — with lots of looking back in the weeks ahead coming up soon. (For instance, have you voted for the Best Album of ’14 yet?)

This was as wild a pop week as ever, with Madonna busting out for the cover of Interview Magazine, Gwen Stefani dropped the video for her Pharrell collabo “Spark The Fire.” And here at Idolator, we’re giving away a very special box set edition of Cheek To Cheek. Have you entered yet?

Also, the 2015 Grammy Awards nominees are (mostly) in! Do you agree with the selections? We had a lot of feelings on the matter. And so did you! As always, you guys had plenty to say this week. Check out some of the week’s most interesting comments after the jump.

:: drew wasn’t feeling Gwen’s next comeback single on Gwen Stefani’s “Spark The Fire” Video: Watch The Emoji-Filled Clip: “This song makes ‘Hollaback Girl’ sound like a masterpiece. And honey, that isn’t a good thing.”

:: ModestYChild was bowled over by Adam’s performance on Adam Lambert And Queen Perform “Somebody To Love” On ‘X Factor UK’: Watch: “The show may have aired in the UK but Glamberts, Queenies and Queenberts from all over the world watched the performance. Once again, Adam keeps surprising us with his insane vocals (he never does a song the same way twice), and did he blow us away! And the way Brian May and Roger Taylor played, these guys are the best musicians in the world! It’s obvious they belong on the stage, it was a stupendous performance! I swear Brian and Roger seem to grow younger and more energetic as they continue on their Queen tour with Adam Lambert. Three cheers for Queen and Adam Lambert! You guys continue to rock!”

:: And UKGlambert was beaming with pride as well: “AT LAST the UK found out about the AMAZING Adam Lambert. I cried with pride and joy.”

:: Brandon H. broke down the reality of The Grammys in today’s world on 2015 Grammy Nominations: Beyonce, Sam Smith, Sia, Miley Cyrus & More Are On The List: “The Grammys have become the Billboard Music Awards in all but name. Billboard clearly rewards successful and mainstream efforts, and has nothing to do with quality or acclaim. Grammys ditched the prestige many years ago to grab in viewers, and to be more hip. Its sad, there were so many good records that should have been nominated (and perhaps would have 10 years ago) but got overlooked for the popular acts. There was a time when you’d see a nominated artist you never even heard of, and this only went to show that the Grammys had a respect for music even if it wasn’t sitting at the top of the charts. Grammys were the Oscars of music, but now its just like every other award show for music now.”

:: Before launching into an explanation of the older “TwiLadies” (!) and their beef with FKA twigs, catherinemostly praised the performer on FKA Twigs Performs “Two Weeks” On Seattle’s KEXP Radio Station: Watch: “Two Weeks is an amazing song, she’s obviously unique and honest along with having a captivating sound and presence – how utterly refreshing! Thanks KEXP for continuing to keep Seattle (and the WORLD’S) underground music movement alive and kickin – from one of your biggest Seattle fans!!! Apologies to FKA Twigs and all of her fans – some of us TwiLadies are attempting to reign in the hate brought on by Twilight obsessions. Believe it or not, it’s Twilight’s OLDER fanbase who has always caused all these kinds of embarrassing problems and still – not young girls.”

:: Random J wasn’t impressed with will.i.am being unimpressed on Will.i.am Is Unimpressed With Today’s Music: Morning Mix: “Will.i.am needs to sort his own music out and make it relevant, then talk some shit.”

:: Md found DJ Earworm‘s 2014 mash-up disappointing this time around on DJ Earworm Releases “United States Of Pop 2014″: Watch The Mash-Up Video: “Where’s BEYONCÉ? Where’s Sia? This is awful, probably his worst remix I’ve heard.”

:: Hanson T. really enjoyed Sister Cristina’s refreshing take on pop music on Sister Cristina: 8 Questions With Italy’s ‘Voice’-Winning Singing Nun About Madonna, Kylie Minogue And Her Debut Album: “I’m liking this new tone. In the past, when the church does pop culture commentaries, it’s usually with outrage, condemnation or judgement which turned people off. The negative approach wasn’t making the public think about the subject matter, compare what was presented to them and come up with their own conclusion. It appears that the church is embracing the positives of pop culture, and discovering creative ways to share it’s beliefs in a different playing field – mainstream entertainment and social media. Well done to Sister Cristina and the others who are engaging the public with your positive message.”

:: Sh-t tried to come for Madonna on NSFW: Madonna Covers ‘Interview’ Magazine’s Art Issue, Takes Out Her Boobs & Lifts Her Skirt — See Her Latest Bout Of Nudity: “damn, them photoshop skills though! that’s definitely not madonna’s body. anyone with graphic design skills can tell you that…”

:: But DJ Stephen V had a different opinion: “MADONNA RULES”

:: And finally, Calin brought up a VERY good point about the Queen Of Pop on Annie Lennox Questions Madonna’s Sexy ‘Interview’ Spread: “Whatever M does, she gets attention, she does have the most beautiful breast!!!”