Did Drake Land In The Hospital After A Fight With Diddy?

Robbie Daw | December 8, 2014 9:47 am
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Wait, what? Here we were all set to slowly lapse into a nice, pre-holiday calm, and along come reports of buddies Diddy and Drake, pictured above at Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party (with Rick Ross), getting into a scuffle.

According to MTV News, the brawl between the two rappers is alleged to have happened during DJ Khaled‘s birthday party at Miami’s LIV nightclub on Sunday (December 7), during the Art Basel festivities. The site claims it was “able to confirm the fight with a source who witnessed the incident,” and mentions the rumors currently going around that things got heated between the two when Drake made some sort of comment to Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie.

This is all sounding more lurid and gossipy by the second, so we’ll just let Khaled’s pal Sam Sneaker, who was apparently an eye witness to the fisticuffs, do the talking from here. Catch his tweets about the incident below.

This, or course, wouldn’t be the first time Drake has gotten into a heated public fight over another artist’s better half. Guess we’ll have to wait for time to tell what really really went down between Drizzy and Diddy over the weekend.

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