Madonna Is Working With Ryan Tedder Now, Too

Bradley Stern | December 8, 2014 3:27 pm
Madonna Found Out Her New Music Leaked
She was away in Malawi, but the Queen Of Pop has returned from her trip — and she's mad.

The collaborator list for Madonna‘s upcoming LP is becoming less of a list and more of an entire phone book, from Diplo to Avicii to Natalia Kills.

Who’s next on the list? None other than One Republic hit-maker Ryan Tedder, responsible for smash singles for the likes of everyone to Beyoncé to Leona Lewis to Kelly Clarkson.

In an interview with The Mirror, Tedder described the upcoming work as “her best stuff in over a decade – it’s really strong.” That’s some pretty high praise, considering her back catalog! “The tracks I’ve done with her are really hard to explain.”

The pressure is slightly on for the #unapologeticbitch Queen Of Pop, considering two of her tunes — “Rebel Heart” and “Wash All Over Me” — have already surfaced on the web. (And no, she’s not too pleased about that.) Tedder, on the other hand, was just relieved they weren’t his own songs: “I was actually working on something with Madonna when her tracks leaked so I panicked because I thought it was the song I was working on, but luckily it wasn’t. People have way too much time on their hands.” Lucky for you, Ryan! Not so lucky for Madonna, though.

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