Gwen Stefani Talks About Writing A New Song With Charli XCX (Without Actually Meeting Her)

Mike Wass | December 8, 2014 4:57 pm
Gwen Stefani's "Spark The Fire" Video
Gwen Stefani throws a wild, emoji-filled party (alongside Pharrell, of course) in her new video.

Gwen Stefani has finally shed a little light on the high-profile collaborators working on her long-awaited/delayed third solo LP. We know the No Doubt frontwoman has already hit the studio with Pharrell (twice) — once for underwhelming new single “Spark The Fire” and a second time for Paddington soundtrack cut “Shine” — but she opens up about working with Sia, Calvin Harris and Charli XCX in a new interview with Spin.

As for the Aussie singer/songwriter? “She’s a genius and I love working with her,” Gwen raves. “There’s a song on the record called ‘Start A War’ that she wrote that I’m very grateful for. I think that girls are gonna love that one.” (Sia also penned the comeback queen’s recent duet with Maroon 5, “My Heart Is Open”). She has less to say about Calvin, simply stating: “I just did stuff with [him] too.” It’s unclear, however, if she’s referring to Motion cut “Together.”

That takes us with Charli XCX, who she managed to write a song with despite never meeting in person. “The way that Charli and I worked together was that we really didn’t work together,” the 45-year-old explains. “She wrote with Benny [Blanco] and then I wrote with Benny separately.” Gwen is a fan, however, and would like to get a little more personal in the future. “I think out of all the writers out there, male and female, I really like her style the most. I think that she comes up with really good melodies.”

Is Gwen taking this project in the right direction? Sound off in the comments below.

[Via Spin].

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