Deadmau5 Claims Sexism Doesn’t Exist In Dance Music, Slams Female DJ Duo Krewella On Twitter (Again)

Mike Wass | December 9, 2014 12:01 pm
7 Questions With Krewella
Krewella spoke to us about their breakthrough hit "Alive" and follow-up single "Live For The Night".

Krewella — comprised of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf — made the impressive leap from EDM festival favorites to TMZ fodder when former member Kris Trindl sued them for allegedly forcing him out of the band. The ladies denied the accusations but social media and a number of the now-duo’s high-profile colleagues leaped to his defense. Deadmau5 lead the charge, tweeting: “Krewella does not deliver. all hype. no drop.”

The superstar DJ then insinuated that Kris was the mastermind behind the band. “EDM protip: if youre going to make a group/trio act… dont fire the guy who actually does shit,” was his unsolicited advice. The Twitter/Facebook fallout and Deadmau5’s dismissive commentary prompted Jahan to write an op-ed for Billboard about online abuse and sexism in the music industry. And it didn’t take long to elicit a response.

“It has nothing to dow ith you being a woman, it has everything to do with you sucking at music,” Deadmau5 tweeted the duo. “Im an equal sex hater.” He then berated Jahan for bringing up sexism at all. “Of course that fuckin idiot would play the sex card…. get the fuck out of here. please. just go.” The 33-year-old, who has a history of beefing with women online, went as far as claiming that sexism doesn’t exist in the dance community: “Not im my department. no.” Meanwhile, there isn’t a single woman on Forbes’ list of 2014’s top 10 earning DJs. See his tweets and Krewella’s response after the jump.

Deadmau5’s original tweets:

Deadmau5’s response to Jahan’s op-ed:

Krewella’s response:

Is EDM the world’s only sexism free-zone? Shoot off in the comments below.

[Via Billboard].

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