Get Well Soon! Avril Lavigne (Kind Of) Reveals That She Is Suffering From A Mystery Illness

Mike Wass | December 9, 2014 1:28 pm
Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" Video
Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video didn't received the warmest reception from critics.

2014 hasn’t been a terrible year for Avril Lavigne. The Canadian pop/rocker’s attempts to revive the chart fortunes of her self-titled fifth album failed, she was widely criticized for perpetuating Asian stereotypes in her “Hello Kitty” video and eviscerated by the media for keeping her distance from fans during expensive meet and greets. (This was later debunked). On top of all of that, the 30-year-old is suffering from a mystery illness.

Avril’s health issues only came to light when she thanked a fan account for their prayers on Twitter. That same user then shared a screengrab of a DM exchange with the star, which is slightly more revealing. “I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them no [sic] why I’ve been absent,” the “Smile” hitmaker wrote. “I’m torn as I’m quite private… I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.” See the tweets after the jump.

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[Via Billboard].

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