10 Best Euro-Dance One-Hit Wonders Of The New Millennium

Bianca Gracie | December 16, 2014 6:00 am

4. “All Around The World (La La La La La)” By ATC (2000) — Peaked At #28

This song could also be categorized as a bit of “eurotrash,” but cut it some slack — it was released during the new millennium. The year 2000 was filled to the brim with guilty pleasures and one-hit wonders, but ATC‘s “All Around The World (La La La La La)” definitely stood out among the rest! Once again, the German eurodance group (a.k.a. A Touch Of Class — duh) covered an original song and made it their own. Seriously, this tune is too catchy for its own good!

The first rendition was a Russian hit titled Pesenka,” which was released two years prior. ATC then dropped their version in 2000 as the debut single from their Planet Pop album — and the world changed forever. “All Around The World” peaked at number 28 on Billboard’s Hot 100 as well as taking the number 12 spot on Mainstream Top 40! When will your eurotrash fave ever do it?

3. “Stereo Love” By Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina  (2009) — Peaked At #16

Landing in the top three is Edward Maya‘s breakthrough international smash, “Stereo Love.” This song is different from many others on this list, as it leans towards a more tropical sound than poppy synths. Maya and the lead singer, Vika Jigulina, are both Romanian — yet their 2009 tune transports you to a lush beach in Ibiza. The delicate vocals combined with the atmospheric production, accompanied by the accordion riffs, made for a win-win at nightclubs everywhere. The result is simply hypnotic!

Everyone couldn’t get enough of “Stereo Love,” and its certifications prove it! The song went Platinum various places worldwide: eight times in Norway, twice over in three countries (Canada, Italy and Spain) and once over in the US.

2. “It Feels So Good” By Sonique (2000) — Peaked At #8

We’re almost there, folks! My choice for the second-greatest eurodance tune from the past decade is none other than Sonique‘s “It Feels So Good.” This song is another example as to why 2000 was an awesome year for international music. Here’s the thing: it actually debuted in 1998 (another rule-breaker, sorry not sorry). But two years later, “It Feels So Good” was re-released to even wider international success than the first time around — which is why it charted on Billboard Hot 100 in the new millennium.

The song is a stunning blend of house, dance and a touch of hip-hop that is combined with the British singer’s bold vocals. Sonique continues to perform and make music in England, but none of her singles went on to achieve similar success as her breakthrough hit. I mean, the title says it all — listening to the song just makes you feel so damn good!