Avicii Wants You To Seize The Day (And Night): Watch The Swedish DJ’s Motivational “The Nights” Video

Mike Wass | December 15, 2014 12:30 pm
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Avicii bookends Robbie Williams-voiced club-banger “The Days” with “The Nights.” Both singles sound alike, have an identical message and are housed on the Swedish DJ’s The Days/Nights EP (they also feature on his upcoming sophomore LP Stories). It feels like overkill but at least the visuals are different. “The Days” mysteriously only a lyric video, while “The Nights” plays like a home movie/elaborate Snapchat story.

The clip features footage of Rory Kramer seizing the moment with a variety of outdoor activities like surfing, skateboarding and skiing. Because embracing life obviously involves adventure sports and sunburn. So who is this dude? A friend of RAS‘ (i.e. the song’s writer/vocalist). He penned “The Nights” about advice his father gave him, so it’s as much his vision as Avicii’s. Watch up top.

Has “The Nights” inspired you to drop the bong and head outside? Let us know in the comments below.

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