14 Overlooked Albums From 2014 You Might Have Missed

Bradley Stern | December 17, 2014 5:30 am
2014′s Best Albums
Idolator editors pick their Top 10 favorite pop records of 2014.

Did you forget to spin Jennifer Hudson‘s disco-inflected JHUD this year? Or Röyksopp‘s The Inevitable End?  Did Ashanti’s Braveheart pass you by at the beginning of the year?

Every year, dozens of our favorite pop artists compete for our attention with their latest studio albums. And unfortunately, whether it be more pressing pop culture events, a long shadow cast by superstar acts sucking up all the public’s attention or simply a lack of major promotion budgets, some of the year’s releases get quietly swept underneath the pop carpet.

We’re here to dig ’em out and let you look over what you might have missed this year. Check out our gallery of underappreciated, under-the-radar and entirely missed records of 2014. Do you know any other pop records that the public mostly missed? Have something to say about any of the albums included? Sound off in the comments below.