Sam Smith Is Getting Online Abuse, Denies Asking Chris Brown To “Turn Gay” In Hacked 2012 Tweet

Mike Wass | December 15, 2014 3:48 pm
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Where’s Lady Gaga‘s born brave bus when you need it? Sam Smith was feeling a little attacked yesterday (December 14) when he received undisclosed online abuse. “Starting to get hate tweets,” the Brit shared. “I knew this would come. I’m too sensitive for this shit haha.” Ed Sheeran immediately jumped to his defense, replying: “I’m willing to bet that they are under 12, live in the middle of nowhere, and look like this.” He attached a picture of a man wearing glasses sitting at a computer.

Things took a twist later in the day when one of Sam’s old tweets went viral. “TURN GAY!! PLEASE!?” he asked Chris Brown way back in 2012. After 1000+ retweets, the “Stay With Me” hitmaker jumped online and claimed that it wasn’t him. “Someone has just hacked my twitter. Sorry to anyone who got weird shit sent to them.” The 22-year-old’s might have overreacted. His generally amusing pre-fame tweets are out there and nobody seems to care (apart from him). Breezy certainly didn’t bat an eyelid. See the (non-)drama unfold after the jump.

Sam Smith feels attacked:

Ed Sheeran defends him:

This old tweet goes viral:

Sam denies sending it:

Is Sam overreacting? Should he embrace his pre-fame tweets? Have your say in the comments below.

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