Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Best Albums Released In 2014, As Chosen By Your Votes

Robbie Daw | December 17, 2014 8:09 am

7. Jessie J, Sweet Talker (1,312 votes)

Editor’s note: Jessie J’s fans clicked and clicked again to vote, yet none of them wrote why they chose her album. Oh well, enjoy this “Bang Bang” gif in lieu of any actual commentary on Sweet Talker:

Jessie J Bang Bang

6. Kylie Minogue, Kiss Me Once (1,572 votes)

Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once

Agustin said, “I voted for Kiss Me Once because it was a record able to retain Kylie’s essence, more than 25 years into her career. And because it’s super fun.” Eduardo Lima chimed in with this: “Kylie. Kiss Me Once. The best pop album. I just can´t get enough of it.”

5. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek To Cheek (2,359 votes)

Gabriel said, “Well I chose Cheek to Cheek by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, because I think it’s a collection of some of the best songs of American music, and they recreate them so well, in such a sexy, sophisticated and heart-touching way. Both of their voices stand out so much, and it’s the kind of album that invites you to feel. It’s full of feeling.”