Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Best Albums Released In 2014, As Chosen By Your Votes

Robbie Daw | December 17, 2014 8:09 am
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Idolator's editors select the 20 best singles released this year.

In early November, we asked Idolator readers to vote for their favorite albums from the first half of 2014, and followed that up two weeks ago with a poll featuring LPs released between July and December. And now the results are in, the numbers have been tallied and we’re presenting you with the 10 Best Albums Of 2014, as chosen by you!

Altogether, nearly 74,000 votes were cast for the 40 albums included on both polls, with each album within the Top 10 racking up at least 1,000 of those votes a piece. Two of the albums represented below even wound up on our own 10 Best Albums Of 2014 list, as chosen by the Idolator editors.

Head below to see the results for which 10 albums were voted by you as the best of the best this year!

10. Lana Del ReyUltraviolence (1,093 votes)

Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

Abraxas said, “The title track only is sexier than half of the other albums, and deeper and sicker than the other half.”
Anthony Gilbert Aragon added, “Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence is the album I voted for (even though I own and love most of the albums on the list for many different reasons) because it was the most unexpected – she really changed her sound up and didn’t fall in with the trends, while sustaining that invigorating classic Lana Del Rey heartbreak sound.
Tunisa Yvette stated: “You can not vote against Ultraviolence until you actually listen to it. This album is more personal, Lana delivered greatness, Experience it.”
Md offered this: “In all honesty, Lana had the best album in the first half of 2014, possibly the best of the entire year, but unfortunately most of the general public doesn’t have the brain cells or taste to separate art from trash. the fact that 5SOS (who is that?) and Enrique are on this list is appalling anyway… so yeah, Lana, with a close second to Sam Smith and then Michael, that’s my vote.”

9. Betty Who, Take Me When You Go (1,165 votes)

Betty Who Take Me When You Go album cover artwork

Ben asdfg lamented, “How can you possibly make me pick between Sia and Betty Who? Both incredible artist [sic] who released incredible albums this year! Both should have far more votes than they currently do! Taylor Swift and Charlie XCX both get honorable mentions for releasing hella catchy music!”
Jay said, “Sia, One Direction, Nick Jonas, Tinashe, Azealia Banks, Barbra Streisand, fka twigs, and Betty Who all delivered great albums in the second half of the year.”
Victorianight12 added, “Betty who is amazing don’t sleep on her.”

8. Enrique Iglesias, Sex + Love (1,260 votes)

Jimmy Cervantes Cárdenas said, “The Spanish songs are so much better than the English ones. But it’s very complete, His sensuality is on his music. Its full of singles, of guests, of sexiness. Love it!”

7. Jessie J, Sweet Talker (1,312 votes)

Editor’s note: Jessie J’s fans clicked and clicked again to vote, yet none of them wrote why they chose her album. Oh well, enjoy this “Bang Bang” gif in lieu of any actual commentary on Sweet Talker:

Jessie J Bang Bang

6. Kylie Minogue, Kiss Me Once (1,572 votes)

Kylie Minogue Kiss Me Once

Agustin said, “I voted for Kiss Me Once because it was a record able to retain Kylie’s essence, more than 25 years into her career. And because it’s super fun.”
Eduardo Lima chimed in with this: “Kylie. Kiss Me Once. The best pop album. I just can´t get enough of it.”

5. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek To Cheek (2,359 votes)

Gabriel said, “Well I chose Cheek to Cheek by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, because I think it’s a collection of some of the best songs of American music, and they recreate them so well, in such a sexy, sophisticated and heart-touching way. Both of their voices stand out so much, and it’s the kind of album that invites you to feel. It’s full of feeling.”

4. Ariana Grande, My Everything (3,383 votes)

lalo del kastillo raved, “simply amazing, ariana second effort is brilliant. “My everything” is completely solid from head to toe, different types of rythm and the lyrics very mature ;D she definitely is the next diva :D”

3. Azealia Banks, Broke With Expensive Taste (4,222 votes)

Azealia Banks Broke With Expensive Taste

CKD noted, “Azealia Banks Broke With Expensive Taste is truly diverse. The lyrics flow so smooth and everything just fits. Also she sings and raps in Spanish! All er songs on the album stand for something whether it be a movement or a break up. its a must buy!”
ASD added, “Broke With Expensive Taste is the most innovative/original release from a Female Rapper since Missy.”
Josh said, “Azealia Banks Broke With Expensive Taste is an amazing body of work. Azealia is very talented.”

2. Mariah Carey, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (15,112 votes)

Mariah Carey Me I Am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse cover artowrk

Jahric Lago opined, “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse is the best album this year. Why? Because of the mix music that Mariah produced on this album. Mariah will take you from the 90’s feel with songs like The Art of Letting Go and big ballads like Cry. and Camouflage will make you swoon. Also, a very modern dance club sound was provided with songs like Thirsty and You Don’t Know What To Do. Plus, soulful gospel-inspired music on her songs, One More Try and Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can’t Give Up Now). The album is a jam-packed of juiciness, power and veracity that all generations from Mariah’s 90’s fans to her newer fans can relate to. I just really wished that there were more singles they released and the promotion of the album should’ve been elevated because I bet it could gain better audience and sales with the album’s great quality. Mariah proved on this album how relevant and spectacular she still is. Kudos to Team MC!”
Michael added, “Mariah Carey isn’t one to follow trends. Mariah’s album stands out because it’s different, it has a nostalgic vibe with a mix of modernity. She showcases her full five octave range in this one, as well as her incomparable ability to harmonize with herself in octave unity…not to mention killer melismas and not to mention her signature whistle register. The album is fresh, a blend of 90s and modern Mariah. People should listen to it in all it’s entirety, it’s a great album.”
Justin Alamillo said, “MARIAH CAREY WINS. This album was so dynamic in the sense that she experimented with many different types of music. And her vocals are superb, all 5 octaves are put on full display for all to hear.”
Jiaxi Dong also noted, “I think Me. I am Mariah definitely is the best of 2014. It trumps others in its listenability, it’s versatility of genres within the album and most importantly musicality. There is a careful and delicate balance maintained in the album between Mariah being modern and up-to-date and also the Mariah of the past we’ve loved.”
Jenero pointed out the following: “To start, I like to say that sales does not always constitute good music or a well put together album. Mariah, is always trying to please every fan; and with this album She gave a little bit for everyone. From using more of her lower register to some hip-hop and pop tracks to MIMI just living her truth with the whistle register. This is one of the best consistent albums of her 25 plus years. Yes Mariah may have hit and misses here and there But the most truthful things we all can say about her is that Mariah is a fighter, a creator, a lover to her fans and a legend. I hope she has many more years of music and doing what she wants. (MIMI has paid her dues.)”

1. Michael Jackson, Xscape (35,306 votes)

MIchael Jackson Xscape

bobmoo79 stated, “The modern version of Jackson’s demos sound incredible on a decent sound system. A worthy addition to his catalogue.
The single wit Justin timberlake is still charting in many places 6 months after release!”
Shirley Alves enthusiastically notes, “Xscape had the best buzz and the best overall product! It also had the best song of the year! Love Never Felt So Good was and IS a catchy feel-good early summer track that will last and turn into a classic! The album itself was number one or two in over 88 countries worldwide! NO OTHER ALBUM can say that this year! It continues to release top singles and will surely produce another number one in the months to come! MJ4-EVER!”
Jimmy Cervantes Cárdenas adds, “I can’t almost deal with it. For me it’s brilliant, the essence of MJ it’s there. Each of the eight songs is perfectly produced. A Place With No Name, Slave To The Rhythm & Love Never Felt So Good.”

Did your favorite album of 2014 make either our editors’ list or the readers’ roundup? Let us know below!