Iamamiwhoami Closes ‘Blue’ LP With “Shadowshow” Video: Watch The Final Chapter

Bradley Stern | December 22, 2014 7:49 am
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There is perhaps no more fascinatingly beautiful, strange and ambitious project in pop music than iamamiwhoami, the multi-dimensional, nature-meets-machine brainchild of Swedish songstress Jonna Lee.

After supplying us with stunning visuals and dreamy synthesized tunes over the course of the year, from the magnificent “Fountain” to “Hunting For Pearls,” the left-of-center leaning diva is bringing the latest chapter in her ongoing saga to a close with “shadowshow,” the final chapter of Blue, her latest LP.

Set at first in a dark forest, the songstress trudges her way through before coming across a river, playing a violin-like string instrument before pulling strangely entrancing shapes in a full mirrored outfit, resembling a human disco ball. Later on, those shadow men — a constant in her videos — make their (final?) appearance in the hypnotizing clip.

Watch “shadowshow” up top, and let us know what you think about the conclusion of the Blue era in the comments below.