Nick Jonas Finds Questions About Sex “Strange,” But Is Thrilled To Play A Gay Character On ‘Kingdom’

Robbie Daw | December 29, 2014 8:16 am
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Nick Jonas has been stripping off his clothes for semi-nude photo shoots and getting horizontal on camera for his new TV show Kingdom, the season finale of which brought forth the revelation that the singer/actor’s character is gay. Despite this, the attention paid to the “Jealous” singer’s libido still makes him feel a bit uncomfortable, according to a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Jonas told the publication the following:

I mean, I think for anybody, being asked about your growth as a person, specifically as it relates to sex, is always gonna be strange. That’s not a conversation piece that’s totally comfortable to talk about. There’s a desensitization that happens with people because they are so familiar with you, and you’ve been in the public eye. And I’m not complaining about it — I mean, I get that side of it. But it is strange to be asked about things that are so personal.

And in case you’re wondering, he’s never Googled shirtless pics of himself (“I mean, I’ve Googled myself before — I don’t shy away from telling people that. I like to just be aware of what’s out there. But no, never the specific search for ‘Nick Jonas shirtless'”). Nick is, however, much more comfortable singing naughty lyrics than he is posing for naughty photos.

“I think it was about remaining true to the art. Songwriting’s a big part of my life, and a way for me to express myself,” Jonas said in his EW interview when asked about his album’s Parental Advisory sticker. “I think it would’ve been dishonest to the art to censor it. I wanted to just lay the stories out in the best way I could. And that meant putting that Parental Advisory on it.”

All this aside, Nick is more than happy to take on playing gay character on DirecTV’s Kingdom: “My first reaction was genuine excitement at the opportunity to push myself as an actor and play a character with stakes as high as Nate’s, and questions about himself and his sexuality. I think one of the sexiest things in a person is their acceptance of all people, so I’m thrilled to play him.”

This past week, “Jealous” jumped back into the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. We’re just wondering how he’s possibly going to top the sexy promo he’s already been doing behind the song and album. Hmmm…

[Via EW]

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