Justin Bieber’s Camp Threatens Lawsuit On Photoshop Claims

Christina Lee | January 11, 2015 9:15 am
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Good news, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has a comeback in store this year.

Justin Bieber‘s team threatened a lawsuit against pop culture site BreatheHeavy.com, for posting an photo claiming to be an unretouched shot from his Calvin Klein ad campaign.

Late last week, the website posted an image of the Journals star with a smaller upper body, butt and bulge. The point was to show that actually, he wasn’t as grown-up as Calvin Klein would like us to believe. Rumors that Bieber was difficult to work with didn’t help with matters.

After being sent a cease and desist letter, however, BreatheHeavy.com retracted its original post.

“We sincerely apologize to Bieber for the hit to his ego and to the millions of tweens on social media we upset: Swag swag swag, on you,” BreatheHeavy.com says.

“Justin Bieber’s Crotch: Padded or Nah?” Jezebel staff writer Clover Hope asked, following Calvin Klein’s reveal. Beliebers aside, the general public had serious doubts that the pop superstar, 20, filled out #mycalvins as portrayed by the new campaign. As a result, Bieber’s personal trainer Patrick Nilsson spoke out to Access Hollywood. “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy,” he actually said. “I sound weird saying that, but yes.”

Nilsson declined to elaborate on exactly how he knows that to be true.

[via Vulture]

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