Madonna Enlists German Corset Designer For “Living For Love” Video (And Possibly The Grammys)

Bradley Stern | January 12, 2015 9:27 am
Madonna's "Living For Love" Remix
Djemba Djemba has taken the legendary singer's latest tune, "Living For Love," and transformed it into a thumping party-ready remix.

Boy, it seems that almost nothing can be a secret in Madonna‘s world anymore.

Following the endless leak of demos from her forthcoming album Rebel Heart, the “Vogue” icon is now rolling with the punches and moving forward with the release of her euphoric lead single, “Living For Love.” And, thanks to an interview with V-Couture German designer Verena Dietzel on Radio Bremen, we might have a little bit of insight into what that video’s going to look like — or at least, how Madonna plans to play dress-up this time around.

According to the designer, Dietzel originally got an email from Madonna’s assistant stylist, which she confused for spam at first. “I was wondering if this is authentic and whether we are talking about THE Madonna,” she reportedly wrote back. (A fair question!)

“B and M love your parts,” the assistant confirmed, the “B” referring to stylist B. Akerlund. After being given a bra size and Googling some images, the designer created a completely new corset within 48 hours and worked on a few other designs before shipping them off to New York. While she hasn’t yet contacted as to whether Madge actually selected the sexy designs for her video, there was a tantalizing second detail included in their exchange. “The e-mail mentioned something about the Grammys and the red carpet. That would be ten times more amazing, but I don’t want to think about it,” the designer revealed. Be on the lookout for a corsetted Queen Of Pop!

Check out the potential designs from the original story below.



[via Madonnarama]