Ibrawlator: Which Madonna Grammy Awards Performance Is The Best?

Bradley Stern | January 13, 2015 10:37 am
Madonna Announces She's Performing
Madonna continued her rebellious wave when she announced that she will be performing at the 2015 Grammys.

You heard the news this morning, Rebel Hearts: Madonna is performing at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in February!

We’re already jumping for joy (and living for love) at the mere thought of what Madge is going to be bringing to the stage this time around. And to tide us over while we wait, we’re taking a look back at all of Madonna’s prior performances at the annual event.

Surprisingly, Madonna didn’t even take to the stage until her 1999 Geisha-inspired performance of “Nothing Really Matters” at the 41st ceremony, where she also took home three awards. Two years later, her Holy Madgesty kicked off the 43rd annual show by driving onto the stage in a leather jacket with Lil Bow Wow (!) to perform “Music.” A few years later, she returnedwith a truly innovative concept: Virtual reality! Madge paired with animated troupe Gorillaz for a mash-up of “Feel Good Inc.” and lead Confessions dance floor anthem, “Hung Up.” And most recently, Madonna arrived to the stage during last year’s show alongside Macklemore and Queen Latifah to mass-marry a ton of gay couples live while performing “Open Your Heart” and “Same Love.” And we can only begin to imagine what’s next! (Also, she might be wearing a corset at one point.)

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