Keri Hilson Was Paid $100,000 To Perform To An Empty Arena In Dallas, Texas

Mike Wass | January 14, 2015 3:55 pm
Is Keri Hilson Planning A Comeback?
Is Ms. Keri on her way back? The "Pretty Girl Rock" diva recent previewed a new track "Dinero."

Everything about this is messy. Keri Hilson recently opened for Lenny Kravitz at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas and suffered the indignity of performing in an empty arena. While not as depressing as the time Brandy flew to South Africa to sing for 40 people, it’s still pretty embarrassing and the R&B diva was mercilessly dragged by The Hive. (She famously made a diss track about Beyonce).

Well, the “Pretty Girl Rock” hitmaker clapped back on Twitter last night (January 13). “I spent my day being ridiculed for getting paid $100,000 in one night, to do what I love 4 years after being publicly relevant,” Keri wrote. Good on her for getting money but the second half of the tweet is telling. The 32-year-old dropped her last LP No Boys Allowed way back in 2010. She has been working on new music for years but we’re no closer to an official release. See video of the singer/songwriter’s sad performance and her reply after the jump.

The empty arena Keri performed in:

Video of her performance:

The diva’s Twitter reply:

Embarrassing or easy cash? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Toya’z World].

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