Nova Rockafeller Ups The Ante On New Single “Made In Gold”: Idolator Premiere

Mike Wass | January 20, 2015 9:00 am
Nova Rockafeller's 'PROBLEMCHILD' EP
Nova Rockafeller raps about being high a lot on 'PROBLEMCHILD.' Stream or download her EP.

Nova Rockafeller has cleaned up her act. (Well, a little). The last time we heard from the mouthy femcee she was bragging about her impressive weed consumption on stoner classic “Whole Bag.” She returns with another fiery — but considerably more accessible — tune called “Made In Gold,” which will feature in Bella Thorne‘s upcoming teen comedy The DUFF. But don’t worry, the Canadian troublemaker hasn’t lost her sense of humor. After all, the song begins: “Hi, my name is Nova and I think I made it/this goes out to my ex-boyfriends, I hope you hate it.”

Produced by Chest Rockwell (A.K.A. Greg Ogan and Spencer Nezey), Nova’s latest is a radio-ready pop/hip-hop hybrid with the kind of anthemic chorus that gets stuck in your head after the first listen. So what’s it all about then? “‘Made In Gold’ is my response to being signed, which is both the greatest achievement of my career so far, but also the most stressful time of my life,” the Boardwalk/Island Records diva explains. “This is my meta attempt to write that hit single, yet still be myself and talk about that dilemma. Did it work?” The answer to her question is yes. Take a listen after the jump.

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