Bjork Releases New Album ‘Vulnicura’ Two Months Early Due To Leaks

Bradley Stern | January 20, 2015 1:32 pm
Bjork Announces New York Tour Dates
Surprise! Bjork will perform a string of intimate shows in New York to support her new LP Vulnicura in March.

Well, it seems nothing can be kept secret these days: Mere days after Björk announced the first few details of her new album Vulnicura in a note to fans, the entire album leaked onto the Internet by the weekend.

No use crying over spilled albums, though: To handle the situation, the inventive Icelandic songstress moved swiftly today to upload the album to iTunes worldwide, which is currently rolling out now.

She’s also unveiled the eye-popping artwork, which sees the singer in skin-tight latex and bird-like tufts of bright colors. (She never fails to deliver on those covers, does she?) The 9-track record will still be made available in vinyl and CD in March as originally planned.

“dear websitefolks , fans , tweeters and my music supporters on all the sorts of www : vulnicura will be rolling out worldwide over the next 24 hours !! i am so grateful you are still interested in my work !! i appreciate every little bit !!! i do hope you enjoy it,” she wrote on Instagram.

Have you heard the album yet? If so, what are your thoughts? And what do you think about the leaking situation in general? Sound off in the comments below.