Katy Perry Donated $5,000 To The TLC Kickstarter Campaign

Bradley Stern | January 21, 2015 7:55 am
Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show
Katy Perry has finally shed some light on her much-anticipated Super Bowl XLIX halftime show (February 1).

With $105,000 already raised within less than two days, it’s clear that plenty of people want that fifth and final TLC album to be made — including Katy Perry.

According to TMZ, the Prism princess is just one of the many fans who contributed to the legendary group’s Kickstarter campaign. “According to our sources, the ‘Roar’ songstress is such a big fan, she dug into her own pockets and shelled out 5 grand for the cause. One of the perks for a $5k donation is a slumber party in L.A. with T-Boz…so we could be in for some epic selfies,” the site reports. Nice one, Katy!

Who knows? Maybe Katy is such a big fan, she’ll even collaborate with the girls on their new record. To celebrate the California Gurl’s endorsement, let’s now listen to this fun fanmade mash-up of “Waterfalls” and “Teenage Dream” after the jump.

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