Whatcha Say: Madonna, Sam Smith And Rihanna Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | January 23, 2015 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! This was a truly magical week in pop, indeed, kicking off with — well, a Kickstarter! TLC launched the campaign for their fifth and final album, which met its goal in just 2 days — a record! (It also helped that Katy Perry pitched in.) Plus, we had the incredible opportunity to speak with the troupe about their legacy and plans for their next LP.

At the same time, Queen of Pop Madonna unveiled the tracklisting for her upcoming Rebel Heart (and caught the hacker responsible for her demo leak, #JusticeForRebelHeart!), while Ellie Goulding unveiled the gorgeous video for “Love Me Like You Do” and Jennifer Lopez continued to do whirlwind promo (and generally look flawless) for her new movie, The Boy Next Door. And in sad news, Sam Smith broke up with his BF of one month — but he got a GLAAD Media Award nomination, so…cheer up, Sam!

Over here at Idolator, we’re giving away pairs of tickets to attend Fifth Harmony‘s pre-release party in NYC. Enter to win! As always, you all had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best (and worst) comments after the jump.

:: jonson pointed out the features on Madonna’s new album on Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’: See The Tracklist Featuring Nas, Chance The Rapper And Mike Tyson: “Madonna uses Young ‘artists’ to stay relevant to Young people. Smart. Very Smart.”

:: Until Pedro came in with a lengthy rebuttal: “It’s sad and interesting when so many people comment that an ARTIST of the calibre of Madonna needs “young” talent to stay relevant. 1. Madonna is and has been relevant for 30+ years (with and without “featured” collaborations. It’s only been in the last ten years or so record companies have felt the need to push features as selling points…”

:: As did Pablo, albeit more succinctly: “Nas is one of the oldest rappers around, Nicki isn’t new, Mike Tyson isn’t even an ‘artist’.”

:: Jenny Jones felt sadness for Sam Smith on Sam Smith Announces Break-Up With Boyfriend Of One Month Jonathan Zeizel At A Concert: “I hope he doesn’t become that guy who goes through guys like water – easy come, easy go. I feel for poor Jonathan – a breakup so public. But a romance so public too. Might just be impossible.”

:: While Texas Meter Maid felt very little: “Ugh. Publicity stunt anybody?”

:: The Kanye furkini did not go over well with Andy D. on Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Killer Curves In A Sexy Fur Bikini Designed By Husband Kanye West: “The fur bikini is disgusting. Anyone who thinks he can handle this should type the words ‘fur farm’ into the YouTube search bar and see how cruelly animals are tortured for this. I think it’s sad that we live in a world where Kim & Kanye are ‘famous’ people.”

:: jonson appreciated the true Queen Of Pop, Asia, on In Celebration Of Asia, Lady Gaga’s Adorable French Bulldog: 20 Cute Pics: “Thank you for writing this article. You have a great sense of humor. I needed a good laugh after reading some of the madness outthere. LOL. LOL.”

:: Mike K sung the praises of Babs on Barbra Streisand (Still) Has Most Platinum Albums Of Any Female Recording Artist In History: “It certainly doesn’t hurt that she she still has that incredibly beautiful sounding voice. I still get chills when she sings. But it’s not just the voice. It’s what she does with it, the songs she picks to sing, the people she works with and the arrangements. But she is front and center in all of that. She clearly cares about the music and the result is always a sophisticated, elegant product. And to think music is only one aspect of her 50+ year career. She’s not just talented. She’s gifted. She’ll be breaking her own records for years to come.”

:: fd agreed with Iggy’s criticism of the media on Iggy Azalea Is Sick Of The Internet, Has Some Good Advice For Blogs: “Don’t Trade Your Brand Identity For Clicks”: “she’s more than right, every magazine twitter account/headline online reads like clickbait”

:: While buylotusonitunes disagreed: “She hates the Internet because it calls her out on her racist shit.”

:: Jay is super excited for new TLC on TLC Announce Final Album (And Kickstarter Campaign): “I’m excited for this. While I didn’t care much for their last album (though it wasn’t terrible), I am excited to hear what they have to offer. I hope they come out with something as memorable as their previous and biggest hits. I think the girls have it in them to go out on top.”

:: And finally, when The Grammys tweeted a potential RiRi spoiler, MizzReyRey wasn’t having it on The Grammys Possibly Just Teased A Rihanna Performance: “yawn… #wewantBeyonce”

:: And Lee Yasir came in with a cutting response: “said no one ever…”

Stay sassy, everyone.