Eve And Jill Scott Discuss Iggy Azalea’s Authenticity, Iggy Responds On Twitter

Bradley Stern | January 29, 2015 10:05 am
Iggy Azalea Is Sick Of The Internet
Iggy posted an article called "I've Come To Hate So Much Of The Internet" on Twitter last night.

Earlier in the week, Eve and Jill Scott appeared on Sway Calloway’s Sway In the Morning radio show, where they were promoting their new movie, With This Ring. The conversation took a different turn when Sway asked the women about their feelings on Iggy Azalea and cultural appropriation, a hot button issue causing everyone from Azealia Banks to T.I. to speak out.

“At the end of the day, I get it. I get that people might be upset about certain things. Yeah, she’s white, but they grew up with our s–t! You know what I’m saying? Hip-hop is everywhere. Every neighborhood. Ever country. Every city. Yes, it’s from us and it’s our thing, but…she’s representing a group of girls right now as well. I think people right now are too quick to give too many accolades to new people. That’s the one thing I just can’t stand, but let her do her thing. It’s not my cup of tea, but she’s representing for somebody,” Eve started to explain.

“To me, it’s a mixture of Da Brat and Eve, the way that it sounds, so that’s a little challenging for me…that’s the only thing that stops me. I know where that comes from. It sounds like a big bite to me. The tone,” Jill Scott explained. “The blaccent,” Eve clarified, adding: “Is that horrible? I’m just saying. Listen, a lot of people are gonna get mad about it. F–k it. I’m just saying…she’s from a different place. I’ve said this before. It would be dope to hear HER with her swag. What are you? Who are you? What is that?”

Yesterday, Iggy took to Twitter to defend her artistry against critics, as she’s often done in the past. And while she never addressed Jill Scott or Eve directly, she did respond to the criticism of being “herself.”

From Twitter:

There’s a difference between being yourself and being your stereotype. When people I’ve never met say I should act more like “myself.” I feel like they’re really saying “act more like how I sterotype you to be, so I can feel comfortable” I’m myself as strange as I may be, daily. I think it’s really important we all feel free to explore or feel passionate about whatever u wish and I hope all my young fans take what I’m saying and remember it if you ever find yourself in similar shoes. Be as complex and multidimensional and interesting as you possibly can.

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