Missy Elliott Is Murdering iTunes In The Wake Of Her Surprise Super Bowl Appearance

Mike Wass | February 2, 2015 2:22 pm
Katy Perry At Super Bowl
Watch Katy Perry's incredible halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX featuring Missy Elliott.

It’s not unusual — in fact, it’s pretty much a given — that an artist’s back catalogue will get a major sales boost from a Super Bowl performance. That doesn’t tend to apply to the performer’s special guest, which makes Missy Elliott‘s current domination of iTunes a welcome anomaly. Since making a surprise cameo during Katy Perry‘s excellent halftime show yesterday (February 1), three of the rapper’s singles have shot into the digital retailer’s top 10.

2002 smash “Work It” leads the charge at number four with 2001 classic “Get Ur Freak On” and 2005 collaboration “Lose Control” close behind at numbers five and seven respectively. The unusually large sales boost is, no doubt, a reflection of Missy’s killer cameo but also the extent to which she has been missed since taking a break from the game due to health concerns (Timbaland‘s leading lady was diagnosed with Graves’ disease) and creative exhaustion.

There are signs, however, that the femcee could be plotting a very welcome comeback. She has been active as a producer — recently working with Monica and Kat Dahlia — and very involved with protege Sharaya J. Given the interest her Super Bowl appearance has generated, the time is right for Missy to start dropping some new songs of her own.

As for Katy Perry? Don’t for too bad for the Queen of Pop. Missy might have stole her shine a little on the singles chart but the “Roar” diva currently has five albums in the iTunes top 20 (various editions of Teenage Dream and Prism, as well as debut LP One Of The Boys).

Revisit Missy’s incredible “Work It” video below:

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