Miley Cyrus Talks Instagram Fame, Big Butts And Feminism

Bradley Stern | February 5, 2015 9:39 am
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When she’s not on Instagram posting silly fan edits, pictures of pizza or supporting the Free The Nipple campaign, Miley Cyrus is hard at work doing promo as the 2015 MAC Viva Glam spokeswoman.

The “We Can’t Stop” songbird recently chatted with The Kit about the campaign, her responsibility to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and youth culture in general. Specifically? Instagram — one of her favorite places to be as of late. However, she’s critical of the way it’s being used.

If you go on Instagram, the way people make themselves look isn’t the way they are in reality. Everyone is getting Instagram famous, purely because of what they’re wearing, what they look like. You get more likes if your ass looks big, or your titties…it’s crazy. And 15 year old girls are looking at these girls and thinking that’s what they’re supposed to look like, and that isn’t life. It used to be that way with film and models and magazines, but now every girl can tune themselves to look a way that they don’t actually look. People are chasing something that doesn’t exist, a lot of girls.

She recently challenged that “more likes” theory in a black push-up bra on the social media network, cheekily wondering if she’d get more followers by doing so.

Miley also opened up about her idea of feminism — a hot topic that’s had everyone from Beyoncé to Sky Ferreira weighing in recently — and cited Bikini Kill icon Kathleen Hanna as inspiration while making her point.

I’m a feminist because I’m female empowered and I want to give fucking women jobs and I want them out there being leaders and being badass, totally, but I want the same thing for men as well. I think people go out there too strong. That’s what Kathleen Hanna—she was a huge icon to me—she always made it very clear that she wasn’t a dude hater. She’s like, I’m a chick so I’m out there fighting for those of my kind but it’s not mean, like, we’re smarter, we’re better. I think people have overused it so much that it’s getting confusing to girls of what a feminist actually is. Feminist is just about wanting to be equal, not above, not below, equal.

What do you think about Miley’s comments on Instagram and feminism? Check out the full interview over at The Kit, and sound off in the comments below.