Madonna Releases Three New ‘Rebel Heart’ Songs, Reigns Atop iTunes Top Songs Chart

Bradley Stern | February 9, 2015 8:08 am
Grammys 2015: Madonna Rocks A Matador Ensemble
Madonna sure knows how to make an entrance!

Were you living for love after Madonna‘s performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards last night? Well then, you’re one lucky star, because the iconic songstress just dropped 3 brand new songs from her upcoming LP, Rebel Heart, on iTunes later in the evening.

Even though the album already leaked (twice), Madge is rolling on with her current plan of action by releasing a set of new songs to tide fans over until the March release of her long awaited 13th studio album. Last night, “Hold Tight,” “Joan Of Arc” and the much buzzed-about “Iconic” with Chance The Rapper and Mike Tyson (!) hit iTunes. And as of right now, all 3 are in the Top 3 spot on iTunes Top Songs. Guess she’s not the only one living for love at the moment!


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