Valentine’s Day Playlist: Songs Of Male Tears — 26 Ultra-Squishy Love Songs from Super Sensitive Boys

Jonathan Riggs | February 13, 2015 6:00 am
Valentine's Day Playlist: Songs of Self-Love
Listen to 19 onanistic odes to being, um, your own Valentine.

Wouldn’t Fifty Shades of Grey have been hotter if it featured a soft-spoken, sensitive lad who just wanted to cuddle instead of a sexily dominant alpha male? (Quiet, Mom.)

We certainly think so. This Valentine’s Day, who wouldn’t want a so-earnest-you-could-slap-him sweetheart, ready to bare his vulnerable little heart rather than his chiseled-out-of-marble chest? (QUIET, Mom!!)

In honor of the boys who wish they could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles for everyone to eat and be happy, we’ve pulled together a playlist that’s proof of how sexy the softer side of guys from Ed Sheeran to David Bowie, Blake Shelton, and 98 Degrees can be.

So celebrate sensitivity this Valentine’s Day by lighting some candles and pressing play on our special “Male Tears Make Us Hot” playlist. After all, nice guys finish last…and often.