Whatcha Say: The Grammys, Madonna & Azealia Banks Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | February 13, 2015 6:00 pm
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Ah, love! Such a wonderful and splendid thing!

It may be Valentine’s Day tomorrow (February 14), but the music industry was too busy with dropping major news to even think about getting a fruit basket for bae! As always, it was a jam-packed week with plenty to discuss. The week kicked off with a bit of a snoozer, as the 2015 Grammys had less highlights compared to recent years. I guess we can thank Kanye West for shaking things up at the ceremony, which ultimately led to a friendship with…Taylor Swift?

Jimmy Napes also dropped another killer tune, while Florence + the Machine made a eye-opening and powerful return to music with their “What Kind Of Man” video. Oh, Missy Elliott is back in the studio with Timbaland! Lastly, Drake dropped a new mixtape out of nowhere and Yeezy premiered a new Sia-assisted track at his NYC fashion show.

Here at Idolator, we’ve been prepping your holiday weekend with various playlists — here is one for self-love and another for you saps out there. We also launched a new Ibrawlator where you can vote for your favorite lead single from Rihanna. And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the crazy music world. Read some of the best and worst comments below!

:: gigi gave detailed commentary on the Grammys on Grammy Awards 2015: The Best & Worst Moments From The Show: “I just can not get my head around the media’s obsession with Sam Smith. Is it because he’s a ‘non-threatening’ gay man? What is it ? I liked him on Naughty Boy’s track but everything he’s released since then has been whiny Af. Stay With Me ties with Pharrell’s Happy as the most overplayed, overrated song of the past decade. Did they win those Grammys based on sales?? Sia is as unique and talented as they come, her albums are pure GOLD and she deserved her Grammy. Ugh. Ariana Grande too, her vocals are exceptional, rare and her album is well produced. Maybe next year as she grows. Her performance was beautiful. I like her brother a lot I’m not sure why the camera kept panning to him lmfao but it reminded me of Taylor Swift. I looove Kanye, always have, always will do. Beyonce is queen. Nicki is my girl. Rihanna is everything.”

:: While Russ Noe reminded everyone of the night’s best performance: “The 2015 Grammys were owned by… Annie Lennox. That’s what real, raw, natural talent looks like. She did put a spell on everyone.”

:: Massimiliano Masetti is digging Rebel Heart on Madonna Releases Three New ‘Rebel Heart’ Songs, Reigns Atop iTunes Top Songs Chart: “Ok, here’s mine. The first batch of tracks was half and half: I absolutely adore Living for Love, Devil Pray and Ghosttown. But the other three??? Illuminati seems unfinished, damaged… don’t you think so? and the two “Bitches” tracks are trash. But these last three… Hold Tight, Joan of Arc and Iconic are just marvellous: quality is great and sound is just perfect, her voice is warm and beautiful just as it should be, and the lyrics are spectacular. It is obvious to me that, without leaks, the quality of the first six would’ve been much better cared. But anyway Rebel Heart is a reward for any fan: this album can only be loved, you can actually feel her commitment to it.”

:: Jeremiah Newman put Morrissey in his place on Morrissey Drags Madonna, Taylor Swift, Cheryl Cole And Ant & Dec In Epic Brit Awards Rant: “He sounds like an old bitter hag. Maybe instead of babbling and spewing filth from his big mouth, how about putting out some good music. Everything he has done in recent years are cringe-worthy. He’s very classless and mad, unlike the Brits…”

:: Like many of us, musick lova is over Iggy Azalea on Iggy Azalea Stands By Her Grammy’s Braid, Congratulates Sam Smith & Still Has A Lot To Say About Papa John’s: “Nobody has to drag Iggy anymore, she’s doing it all by herself now. Call your lawyers, don’t be tacky and expect things to get solved on TWITTER! Twitter causes problems, not solve them. I-G-G-BYE”

:: Wonton threw some shade on Rita Ora Covers March Issue Of ‘Nylon’ Magazine, Talks Calvin Harris Breakup & New Album: “Some of these photos are terrible ..looks like she has gas in the 3rd photo >__> Excited for the album though, whenever it drops.”

:: DeShaun Zollicoffer put in his two cents on the Playboy saga on Azealia Banks Posed Nude For The April 2015 Issue Of ‘Playboy’: “This is really random, she’s come a long way since “212”. A once rising star, now she’s just a has been that never was. I’d feel bad for her if she didn’t have such a big mouth.”

:: buylotusonitunes was NOT feeling Riri’s new tune on Ibrawlator: Which Rihanna Lead Single Is The Best?: “Round up the 6 people who voted for FourFiveSeconds and lock them away somewhere so they can never threaten us again.”

:: Lastly, Bruno Fernandes made his fandom quite clear on Avril Lavigne’s “Give You What You Like” Video Is Brimming With Teen Drama: Watch: “QUEEN OF ROCK ! Love Avril <3”