Don’t Kill The Fun This Valentine’s Day By Following Sevyn Streeter’s Do’s And Dont’s

Mike Wass | February 13, 2015 4:48 pm
Sevyn's "Don't Kill The Fun" Video
Sevyn and Chris Brown have the best night ever in their "Don't Kill The Fun" video.

Sevyn Streeter hasn’t had much luck when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In fact, the gorgeous R&B diva has a history of dating duds. “I had an ex that forgot Valentine’s Day two years in a row,” the “Don’t Kill The Fun” hitmaker confides. “The second year my flowers got there the day afterwards.” That was nothing in comparison to another dude. “I had just gotten an ex a really great birthday present, it was near Valentine’s, and then Valentine’s Day came and he sent me a text message.” Wow.

On the bright side, Sevyn‘s father was always there to pick up the slack. “Every year on Valentine’s Day, wherever I am, my dad’s gonna find the address and send me something,” the 28-year-old reveals. “I have all of these bears from my dad. He just doesn’t miss Valentine’s Day.” That sets the bar pretty high for new boyfriend B.o.B, but the soul siren isn’t concerned: “I’m probably going to be working. It is what it is,” she says. “The dope thing about that is the fact that in the past I was dealing with people who didn’t understand my life and schedule. It’s cool to be dating somebody who gets it.”

Make sure you don’t kill the fun this year by following Sevyn’s sage advice:

Sevyn’s Don’ts:

1. Don’t forget: “If he forgets, it’s over!”

2. Don’t be late for the date: “This is the ultimate disrespect.”

Sevyn’s Do’s:

1. Role play: “Pick your dude’s favorite song and dress up and put on some thigh boots and role play. That’s sexy!”

2. Get the right gift: “Time means a lot to me,” Sevyn reveals. “Just acknowledge the day in whatever way he feels. For me, it’s not so much about the day, it’s about making someone feel special. For some people that’s flowers or a purse or a date or cooking dinner.”

3. Cook a meal naked: “Thank you, Beyonce.”

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