New Find: Vallis Alps Make Their Mark With Drowsy Electro-Anthem “Young”

Mike Wass | February 18, 2015 7:08 pm
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Australian duo Vallis Alps have a surprise hit on their hands back home with dreamy electro-anthem “Young.” Comprised of Canberra-based vocalist Parissa Tosif and producer David Ansari (originally of Seattle, Washington), the newcomers explore a shadowy soundscape on their impeccable debut — seamlessly blending acoustic guitar, chimes and the odd piano key with drowsy synths.

As pretty as the production is, the most impressive aspect of “Young” is its ability to connect on an emotional level. “And weeks went by but felt like hours, spring would lie in summer showers in my hair were winter flowers,” Parissa sings before reaching the inevitable conclusion: “We said this has only just begun, in the end time forever favors the young.” Listen to the best chill-out anthem of 2015 below.

Vallis Alps’ “Young”:

You can listen to the rest of the duo’s equally great self-titled EP here. Let us know if you’re feeling their sound in the comments below.

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