Kathy Griffin Talks Barry Manilow’s Iggy Azalea Shade And Lana Del Rey Confrontation On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’: Watch

Bradley Stern | February 19, 2015 10:19 am
Kathy Griffin Challenges Nicki Minaj To A “Boo-Tay-Off”
Comedian Kathy Griffin challenges Nicki Minaj to size up their rump skills.

Kathy Griffin has made sharing hilarious celeb stories her thing for years now. And lucky enough for us, she’s got plenty of new ones to share…especially now that she’s the host of Fashion Police.

During her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, the comedienne dished on her experience at Clive Davis‘ Pre-Grammys party this year, where she sat next to the legendary Barry Manilow.

Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea sang their new duet [“Trouble”], and Manilow kept saying to me: ‘What’s an Iggy?'” she explained.

As it turns out, Barry’s not quite an Azalean. “That’s where they lose me,” he apparently said after Kathy explained to him that Iggy is a rapper. “Let’s get the jet.” That’s right…he left!

And that’s not all: After getting chummy with Nancy Pelosi, Kathy turned around and saw she was also sitting with Lana Del Rey — who was less than pleased to see Kathy.

“Foolishly I turned to her and said ‘Hi, you’re Lana Del Rey, right?’ and she was like ‘UGH, I don’t think so!”

As it turned out, Kathy put Lana on the Worst Dressed list at one point on Fashion Police. And despite Nancy Pelosi’s best efforts to mediate (“Oh, Lana dear, it’s just a show where they show pictures and make little jokes!”) Lovely Lana was not having it at all. Guess we won’t be seeing a Kathy Griffin feature on Honeymoon…or a Manilow-Azalea duet.

Watch Kathy tell the story up top.