TLC Surpass Their Kickstarter Goal To Fund Their Final Album

Bradley Stern | February 20, 2015 7:26 am
TLC On Their Final Album: Idolator Interview
We chatted with TLC about their upcoming final album, tour and maintaining their legacy.

When TLC announced that they were putting together a Kickstarter to fund their fifth and final album, it wasn’t a surprise to hear that they met their fundraising goal — in just over two days. (With help from Katy Perry, no less!)

But the funding kept coming. And coming! And now that the Kickstarter campaign has officially ended overnight, and it’s safe to say that the legendary troupe has more than enough (and then some!) to record this album. In fact, they’ve pulled in nearly a half million dollars: $430,255 — that’s a little more than $280,000 more than their $150,000 goal. TLC is meant to be, indeed.

The “No Scrubs” divas have plenty of work ahead of them, including recording their follow-up (the group hopes to reunite with the original team behind their hits, including Dallas Austin) and a tour with New Kids On The Block and Nelly this summer.

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