Whatcha Say: Madonna, Lady Gaga And Calvin Harris Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | February 20, 2015 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! Hope you’re ready for the weekend — we know we are.

This week saw Drake topping the Billboard charts with his surprise mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, while Madonna (almost) hit the Hot 100 with Rebel Heart anthem “Living For Love,” which has caused for equal amounts of celebration and shade.

Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea quit Twitter (for now), Kelly Clarkson couldn’t find anyone who wanted to collaborate with her and RedOne started dishing about his time back in the studio with Lady Gaga.

And of course, what would a week be without nudes and Photoshop scandals? This week was full of ’em, from Beyonce‘s unretouched L’Oreal Paris campaign to Justin Bieber‘s alleged nude sexts to Selena Gomez to Calvin Harris’ #flawless underwear shoot for Emporio Armani. (Drool!)

We’ve got plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks, including the Oscars over the weekend. (Have you placed your best for Best Original Song yet?)

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best and worst comments down below.

:: CA_Dreamin really appreciated John Mayer’s tweets to Lady Gaga on John Mayer Defends Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ On Twitter, Lady Gaga Responds: “This is honestly a super cool exchange between these two. I completely agree with John Mayer. GaGa was a polarizing artist when she premiered, and I quite appreciate the fact that she didn’t try to take Artpop to any extra extremes. I thought it was a wild move to step past it and swing into Jazz. To be honest, after the last couple of music videos she released for the ‘Born This Way’ I was just about done with GaGa’s ‘Art’. I quite like the fact she refined her image a little this time around. Here’s to the next move.”

:: EA is holding out hope and living for love on Madonna’s “Living For Love” (Almost) Cracks The Billboard Hot 100: “I think this single will have legs. Will it hit the top 10? Probably not but US radio seems to be giving this song some life.”

:: Musiqlova brought up a time-sensitive issue: “I actually really like her new album. Living For Love is honestly a really good song. I think Madonna is the perfect example that ageism is happening into today’s world. If Living For Love was by Spears, Gaga, Cyrus or Gomez it would be huge by now. Also, what happened to being a MUSIC LOVER? Should a song’s greatness be rated by how well it performs on the charts?”

:: While Brewster had some of his own theories: “La Toya Jackson’s ‘Feels Like Love’ couldn’t get any airplay last year either so clearly this is an ageism thing targeting top 80’s icons.”

:: WittyBitch was feeling confident about RedOne and Gaga together again on RedOne Talks New Songs With Lady Gaga: “The New Material Feels Great”: “I’m not a fan of RedOne as a producer but I do have to say that most of his good productions, in my opinion, were with Lady Gaga.”

:: Hannah felt relief about Iggy’s Twitter absence on Iggy Azalea Is Finally Leaving Twitter (For Now): “Good. She’s going to drive herself insane if she responds on twitter to absolutely everything said about her.”

:: Pablo R. didn’t find it hard to believe that no one wanted to collabo with K. Clarks on : “Who wants to get out-shined. I’m not even a Kelly Clarkson die hard, and I know she can vocally smash some of these bitches without trying, lol.”

:: And John B. chimed in as well: “Me and a friend discussed this a while back and thought the same thing, even before she came out and said this! lol Who the hell wants to get ROFLStomped by a singer who could read a fucking grocery list, and slay that shit!? lol I would say no too honestly, and be like, nah I would prefer to sound like a good singer so I will NOT be having our voices side by side, Kelly. Thanks tho! Duwaune had trouble understanding Ari on Ariana Grande Spanks Nicki Minaj At NBA All-Star Weekend Performance: Watch: “I love Ariana, but homegirl needs to learn how to annunciate.”

:: And finally, alistaircrane summed up everyone’s feelings about Calvin’s hot bod on Calvin Harris Goes Shirtless, Strips Down To His Underwear For Emporio Armani Shoot: See The Photos: “That is an impossible body. I want to kill myself.”