Big Sean’s ‘Dark Sky Paradise’: Review Revue

Bradley Stern | February 24, 2015 10:31 am
Big Sean Releases "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)" Video: Watch
The rapper is celebrating his success with a new video for the LP's title track.

Storm’s a-brewin’!

There’s been plenty of hype and excitement surrounding Big Sean‘s long-awaited third LP Dark Sky Paradise (out today, February 24) thanks to a slew of releases, from the shade throwing, Ariana Grande-assisted “Research” to “All Your Fault” with Kanye West and “One Man Can Change The World,” assisted by ‘Ye and John Legend. And of course, there’s that lil’ old hit…“I Don’t Fuck With You.” 

Critics are now just beginning to weigh in on Big Sean’s latest studio effort. And so, we did our research (eh heh) and rounded up some reviews. What are they saying about Dark Sky Paradise? Find out below.

:: The Verge gave the rapper props for aiming higher on his LP, but ultimately found that he still has a ways to go: “It’s the little things, the avoidable mistakes, that stand out on Dark Sky Paradise. It’s a great album, but it could have been a classic. It has all the ingredients; a capable artist, excellent production, a clear theme and direction, and the potential for multiple hits. This is the album that is supposed to propel Big Sean into the upper echelon of rap. He’s closer, but Dark Sky Paradise won’t get Big Sean a seat at the table.”

:: Rolling Stone gave the album three out of five stars, using a Mean Girls reference to get the point across: “Big Sean is G.O.O.D. Music “trying to make ‘fetch’ happen” — keep supporting this guy, and maybe eventually he’ll turn into a great artist. His third and best record isn’t that moment yet, but he’s one step closer.”

:: Billboard gave the album higher marks, awarding four out of five stars and proclaiming it his best work to date: “With sterling wordplay and a consistent melancholy vibe, the Detroit native took all the tension, the highs and lows, and laid it out on wax, compiling the strongest project of his career. What a difference a year makes.”

:: The New York Times echoed the sentiment with their own positive take on the record: “After a few years of mechanically rearranging sounds into sentences, Big Sean has begun to become sentient. In the last year, he’s made real strides toward lucidity, and on “Dark Sky Paradise,” his third and best album, he is more human than ever before.”

:: Newsday gave the album a B+, declaring the album his “home run”: “‘In ‘Blessings,’ he sounds furious even as he talks about “blessings on blessings on blessings.” As he appreciates what he has, he also doles out threats, rapping, ‘Check after check, checking off my checklist / Try and blow my cake, just know that’s a death wish.’ It’s a dark view of life, but when the road to success has taken as long as it has for Big Sean, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to let it go.”

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