Whatcha Say: Iggy Azalea, Madonna & Kanye West Got Our Readers Talking

Bianca Gracie | February 27, 2015 5:30 pm
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Happy Friday, Idolator readers! We’ve made it through another crazy music week. It kicked off with the 2015 Academy Awards, which was honestly a bit of a snooze. But thanks to stellar performances from Lady Gaga and Common with John Legend, the show managed to be watchable.

Speaking of award shows, Madonna took a harsh tumble on the 2015 BRIT Awards stage. But she managed to take the fall in stride! #Legend.

On the album front, Big Sean‘s anticipated Dark Sky Paradise and Emile Haynie‘s We Fall debut were both released this week. Rihanna‘s Home soundtrack cut “Towards The Sun” also dropped to everyone’s surprise. NBC’s The Voice is also back with its newest season! Click here to read our kickoff episode review. Lastly, we created a roundup of artists we have on our takeover radar and interviewed Peking Duk!

And of course, our readers spoke their minds on the going-ons in the frantic music world. Read some of the best and worst comments below!

:: Nate Lyless isn’t feeling Rihanna’s promo game on Rihanna’s “Towards The Sun” From ‘Home’ Premieres On BBC Radio 1: Listen: “She needs to promote FourFiveSeconds more cause she has only done one performance by now and that is not okay…and I also hope she will announce the name of the next album asap cause that is the most anticipating thing everybody’s waiting for.”

:: CA_Dreamin had this to say about Madge on Madonna Covers The March 2015 Issue Of ‘Rolling Stone’: “As sad as it is, I think this album will be her least popular yet. Disappointing when you consider there’s some great music on here…. But songs like ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ just aren’t going to do much for the mass crowds, and seeing as it’s primarily youth purchasing records these days, you’ve got to have more than a Nicki Minaj feature. I’d say it wouldn’t matter to her adult fans that have followed her, but songs like that are going to have exactly the opposite of the effect she’s going for. They’re not going to resonate with those older fans….It will be interesting to see how she fares this era as a whole…. album sales, and a tour included.”

:: He also shared his opinion about Yeezy on Kanye West Apologizes To Beck (& Bruno Mars?) On Twitter: “I think that anybody with that size ego making a public apology is huge. I mean, a lot of people will assume it’s fake, and hell it may be… but it’s huge nevertheless. I hope Kanye’s change of heart is a real thing… He’s insanely talented, and it would be nice to respect him as a human being”

:: QueerToday was feeling nostalgic (and a bit shady) on Fifth Harmony Perform “Sledgehammer” On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show”: Watch: “That was pretty terrible. I like the album, but this is making miss the spice girls so bad. :(”

:: Mierzwiak was also in the mood for shade-throwing on Lady Gaga’s Powerful ‘The Hunting Ground’ Theme “Till It Happens To You” Surfaces Online: Listen: “She sings like it’s some pop rock anthem leftover from Born This Way.”

:: Ruben is not feeling I-G-G-Y on Iggy Azalea And Jennifer Hudson Have A High Speed Car Chase In “Trouble” Video: Watch: “Can we get a version of this without Iggy Azalea?”

: While musick lova says what many of us are thinking: “Has iggy had a solo single Crack the top 20? She really owes Charli and Rita a big “thank you” for giving her a career and covering up the fact that she doesn’t have talent.”

:: Lastly, shit has a few words for Madonna on Madonna Speaks Out About Lady Gaga Feud: “I Don’t Care Anymore”: “the songs shared similar chord progression in the chorus… that’s about it. madonna has been sued so many times. it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. this woman needs to stop throwing stones when she lives in a glass palace herself. gaga wants nothing to do with this opportunistic leech. it’s been OVER madonna, byeee”