Madonna Talks New Album, Musical Chaos & Writing A Screenplay With ‘Rolling Stone’

Bianca Gracie | March 5, 2015 8:27 am
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Madonna’s album promo game has been a little off-kilter — from simulating masturbation on French television to chatting with fans on Grindr. But for her Rolling Stone interview, the legendary diva kept it a little more conventional. The cover star mainly spoke to the music magazine about the forthcoming LP, but also discussed other pertinent topics like Joan of Arc.

When asked about the album’s writing process, Madge stated: “Everybody’s process is different. Some people need to create an environment where it’s all stream of consciousness — they need to be high, they need to be drunk, they need to be surrounded by a posse, they need to have craziness around them — to create. And other people need peace and quiet and not a lot of distraction and the ability to focus. I’m more like that. But I think I’m pretty balanced with the left and right sides of my brain. I would say I’m as organized as I am creative. I don’t do really well with crowds and chaos and people coming in and out of the room. Other people seem to be fine with it, but I can’t handle it.”

As for looking up to the historical Joan of Arc? “I’ve always been drawn to her story. More than anything, drawn to her commitment to what she believed in. In the face of death, she did not back down. And that is a theme that resonates with me. And women need female role models like that. There’s not a lot,” she said.

She also reveals that she has been working on a screenplay for the book The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells. “I met with some [movie] producers and I started thinking about the script. And I started thinking about, the casting process, and getting it financed. And then I just felt more drawn to my music, so that ended up being the winning man, the winning horse. For now. But I’m going to make my film, that’s also very important to me. And there are things in my script, in the writing of my script, that actually influenced my music and lyrics and ideas. Stories, things like that,” Madonna said.

The Unapologetic Bitch kicks off her Rebel Heart North American tour this summer (August 29 to be exact), which is in support of her 13th studio album — Rebel Heart (out on March 10).

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