Jordin Sparks Teases “Double Tap” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | March 7, 2015 8:57 am
Jordin Sparks Spills Details On Jason Derulo Breakup
Why did the two break up? Simple, Sparks says -- he stopped returning her calls.

Jordin Sparks gets herself camera-ready in the teaser for her “Double Tap” video.

Sparks poses for a few suggestive selfies in the privacy of her own home, before she crashes a party and dances on a tabletop with featured rapper 2 Chainz. She shoots a smoldering gaze at the camera, right as the song goes, “If you like what you see, then / you gotta let me know that you won’t double tap that ho.”

This Instagram anthem appears on Sparks’ #BYEFELICIA mixtape — new music aimed to build hype for her first album in five years. Right Here, Right Now follows up 2009’s Battlefield and will be released on producer Salaam Remi‘s Sony label imprint, Louder Than Life.

Sparks delivers just as much attitude in Right Here, Right Now‘s lead single, “It Ain’t You,” as she does in “Double Tap.” “Remember when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for ya?” she sings, addressing her ex Jason Derulo.

Sparks will release her “Double Tap” video on March 10. Watch the teaser up top.

[via Yahoo!]

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