Nicki Minaj Adds An Unnecessary Verse To Maroon 5’s “Sugar”: Listen To The Remix

Mike Wass | March 9, 2015 6:42 pm
Nicki Minaj And Maroon 5's "Sugar" Remix
File this under things the world doesn't particularly need. A rap remix of Maroon 5's "Sugar."

Earlier today (March 9) Maroon 5 announced (via Twitter) that Nicki Minaj was adding a verse to their current hit “Sugar.” The remix sounded like a disaster in theory and proves to be even worse in practice. For starters, the femcee’s contribution is lazily tacked on to the beginning of the song and she bizarrely kicks things off by rapping about strippers.

“When I see him Imma strip like the dancer do,” Nicki spits. “Imma show them how to do it like the panthers do.” Alright then. The V highlight then briefly transitions into a “Super Bass” rip-off before thankfully reverting the excellent original. If the remix garners rhythmic radio airplay and boosts download sales, right on. But this is the first and last time I want to hear it. Listen to Maroon 5’s curious collaboration (in very low quality) below:

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