Justin Bieber And Madonna Play Never Have I Ever On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: Watch

Bradley Stern | March 18, 2015 12:05 pm
Madonna Debuts Within The Top 2 With 'Rebel Heart'
The past week wound up being somewhat of a chart battle between Madonna and a certain super popular TV soundtrack!

Madonna Week is well underway on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

After she hit the stage yesterday to perform “Living For Love,” the Rebel Heart icon sat down with Ellen and a very special guest — the recently roasted Mr. Justin Bieber! — to talk dating and play a very special game of Never Have I Ever. (And trust, there is very little that Madonna has never done…)

While the two got to know each other, Ellen showed Madonna a photo from Bieber’s Men’s Health photo shoot…and it certainly piqued her interest. And then, the three got down and dirty with their (mostly) sex-themed edition of Never Have I Ever, confirming that (1) Bieber has never had phone sex (sure…), (2) Madonna and Justin have both fooled around at a party (separately, we think!) and forgotten the names of the person they’re hooking up with (ouch!) and (3) they have ALL all fooled around with someone and their sibling.


Watch the duo get down and dirty together with Ellen up top and talk dating down below.