Allie X Teases Another (Excellent) Track From ‘CollXtion I’: Welcome To “Sanctuary”

Mike Wass | March 18, 2015 1:20 pm
Allie X Announces 'CollXtion I'
Rising Canadian synth-pop diva Allie X unveiled the title and cover of her debut release.

Debut singles don’t come much better than Allie X’s “Catch.” The icily perfect synth-anthem became an overnight blog sensation and won the approval of pop queen Katy Perry. It sounded like a surefire hit, but much like Ryn Weaver and her similarly-hyped “OctaHate,” the mysterious Canadian diva kind of disappeared for a while before dropping a belated video and announcing her debut release CollXtion I (due April 7).

Toronto-born Alexandra Hughes (her real name) has since teased the seven-track, multi-media project with a handful of buzz tracks and snippets. (“Tumor” is particularly worth checking out). The latest taste of CollXtion I is another shimmery synth-pop adventure called “Sanctuary,” which shows a softer side to the occasionally-twisted diva. “There’s a place I know, I can always go to my sanctuary,” sings the 20-something-year-old (she’s not into specifics) sings over pristine ’80s beats. It’s gorgeous and raises expectations for her EP/mini-LP even further.

Listen to a snippet of “Sanctuary”:

Also check out the snippet of “Tumor”:

And revisit the magic of “Catch”:

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